Neuro Hub v1

Neuro Hub v1

Neuro Hub v1




Product Description

The Neuro Hub v1 unites all your Nemesis Delay, One Series, and Soundblox 2 pedals into a single, stage-ready system.  It features shared MIDI, passive expression pedal, Hot Hand, and USB connections for up to five pedals.  Connect the Hub to your computer via USB for updates, saving/editing of presets, and more.

The Hub also features our powerful new Scene Saving functionality, which allows users to create 128 multi-pedal presets (Scenes), each recallable via MIDI Program Changes.

Package includes 3 SA160 daisy-chain/sensor cables, USB-mini cable, and a 9 Volt power supply.


  • Extends the functionality of Soundblox 2 pedals
  • Dedicated I/O for MIDI, Expression Pedal, Hot Hand, and USB
  • Connect up to 5 Soundblox pedals to shared Control Inputs
  • Save and Recall up to 128 multi-pedal “Scenes” via MIDI Program Changes
  • Access and Edit pedal presets and scenes using Hub Manager 2.0 via USB
  • Compatible (no Scene Saving) with Soundblox 1 and Soundblox Pro

Hub Manager 2.0 screen shot (Win/Mac):

Hub Manager Software 2017





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